Good things come is small packages. Small yet powerful marketing widgets for your website.

Get frictionless reviews with a little help from us

Problem #1 Customers will be ready to give a rating, but are reluctant to write reviews. Worse, they may leave partial reviews like "it was nice" or "good experience". Why? Because it takes time. Writing reviews is a high friction activity.
We help your customers write glowing testimonials in 5 seconds

Website reviews that can be trusted

Problem #2 Random customer reviews on your website don't generate trust in new visitors. Seek non-anonymous reviews with Google sign-in.

AI powered review maker with social proof

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Increase sales with trust and social proof

Problem #3 You get signups, add products and fulfil orders, but your visitors never come to know.
Connect your product, purchases, newsletter signups in one platform. Then show them as a pop on your website and increase sales with urgency FOMO and social proof.

AI powered review maker with social proof
FOMO and Social proof for sales

Other Stuff

  • Customize look and feel

  • Embed a newsletter form

  • Capture geolocation with each subscription and review

  • Integrate with Getresonse. WIC, Shopify and ...

  • Integrate with Mailchimp

  • Upload products and orders as CSV

  • Add tiny widgets to unlimited domains

  • Unlimited widget views and impressions

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