Marketing widgets that 🚀 conversions

Small yet powerful marketing widgets for your website. Get glowing reviews from customers. Convert your website visitors with social proof and FOMO

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Get glowing ❤️ testimonials

Get frictionless reviews with a little help from us. We help your customers write glowing testimonials in 5 seconds using AI. Use Google sign-in to create gated non-anonymous reviews.

Convert your sales data to 📢

Connect your Stripe account and automatically show each order as a real time notification to visitors.

Convert product inventory to 📢

Tell visitors about your best selling products. Show urgency notifications for fast selling products and increase conversions.

Convert website forms into social proof 👏

Convert your own website forms into social proof. Connect any website form to TinySiteTools and create social proof and FOMO notifications for each submission.

How it works

Integrations and more...

  • Integrate with Google (Social Login)

  • Integrate with Stripe

  • Integrate with Mailchimp

  • Customize look and feel

  • Capture geolocation with each form submission

  • Works with GetResponse. Carrd, WIX, WordPress and more builders...

  • Upload products and orders as CSV

  • Add tiny widgets to unlimited websites (on paid plan)

  • Unlimited widget views and impressions


FeatureFree($0)Premium ($75 Annual)
Mailchimp integration✔️✔️
Google integration✔️✔️
Stripe Integration✔️
Lemon Squeezy Integration✔️
Gumroad IntegrationComing soon
Geo Location Capture✔️✔️
CSV Upload✔️✔️
CSV Upload Data20 records50 records
Website Form Notifications✔️
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  • Mailchimp Integration

  • Stripe Integration

  • Geo Location Capture

  • CSV Upload (50 records)

  • Website Form Notifications

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